The Shekhawati Project Opening Night

On Thursday February 9th, Le Prince Haveli celebrated the beginning of the Shekhawati Project with a cocktail and an evening buffet. The night started with a press conference given by Cécile Charpentier, Project Manager, Jean Pouvelle, Historian specialized in the Shekhawati region, Anthony Pontabry who will teach to the students the techniques of restoration and Shelley Cadiou the owner of the Haveli. They insisted on the importance of preserving this heritage and this meaningful iconography.

Later, the outstanding performance of Hameed Khan, the famous tabla player, and his talented musicians moved all the audience composed by our partners from Mody University, local journalists, the experts of conservation, the students and friends of Le Prince’s family. A fabulous show full of beauty and Indian poetry, with traditional Rajasthani songs. It was a very friendly night, all the girls were dressed with beautiful sarees and a fire warmed up the atmosphere of the peaceful garden…

On the picture from left to right: Patsy, the wife of Jean Pouvelle, Cécile Charpentier, Project Manager, Léa, communication Intern, Morgane, Volunteer, Merite and Léa, Restoration Interns, Apolline, communication Intern and Shelley Cadiou, owner of the Haveli.

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