Conference at Mody University

From left to right: Cécile Charpentier, restoration expert and head of The Shekhawati Project, Léa Krief and Harpreet Tanday, restoration students

On April 13th, the restorers of The Shekhawati Project Cécile Charpentier, Léa Krief and Harpreet Tanday gave a conference at Mody University, in Laxmangarh, for the students of the Architecture Department.

Entitled "Conservation/Restoration: Concept, Methodology, and Interventions", the conference aimed at presenting the concepts of restoration and conservation.

The restorers first exposed two showcases of restoration in Europe (France and Italy), then introduced the cursus of Restoration in Paris at the Institut National du Patrimoine, and finally they shed light on The Shekhawati Project and its first session at Le Prince Haveli from February to April 2017.

Students in Architecture from Mody University attending the conference

Nadine Le Prince, guest of honour, talking with the students

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