Results of a 3-month Training Workshop #1

The 1st Phase of The Shekhawati Project just ended a couple of days ago : the restorers and the students left the city of Fatehpur, as well as the scaffolding that were standing against the walls these last 3 months. The haveli looks empty… But we all are full of memories and pride regarding the work accomplished by the team and all these beautiful new friendships!

Now it is time to show the result of the restoration on the exterior wall and the Eastern facade of the second courtyard.

The restoration protocol established by our experts insisted on the importance of cleaning (instead of repainting). The extra paint added 18 years ago was removed in the areas where the original underlayers were in good condition.


We never retouch over the original paints but we do retouching exclusively in the missing parts.

The conservation specialists - Cécile Charpentier, Giovanna Carravieri, Anthony Pontabry and Paola Centurini - want to highlight the work of the artists of around 150 years ago and preserve this unique iconography in great danger of disappearance.

The Shekhawati Project team worked really hard from February to April 2017, cleaning the frescoes one by one, inch by inch, with remarkable patience and dexterity…

Find below some pictures of the restoration work in progress:

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